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Attend the Exhibition in Dubai

Source: 管理员  Date:2017-07-29   View:1753
Abstract:Newest product E-writing board showing in Dubai

Newest product E-writing board showing in Dubai

With the rapidly development in the educational industry, LanBeiSite developed a new series products to help to build the professional educational equipment market.

Several years ago,the development direction of our company began to focus on the intellectual campus,in another words,our equipment will firmly cooperate with the information teaching.Our company wish to lead the multimedia equipment to help to construction the new campus.

In the year of 2016,our company begin to research the new-type intellectual writing board ---LCD E-writing board,adopt no dust no ink writing,breaking the limitations of traditional writing but retain the original writing habits with the modern technology, to realize the wisdom teaching, intelligent interaction.

Our company put a lot of manpower and resources, continuous research and innovation, from material selection, design, function, etc. to deeper R&D,we experienced many rounds of tests and improvements and finally reach the effect of "no pen no ink no dust writing, intelligent storage, one button erasing"to support education and teaching, and get the truly useful teaching equipment which can be used in information ages.

In March,2017,LanBeiSite attend the Educational Equipment Exhibition in Dubai,the LCD E-writing board got a good response in this exhibition.

Some questions as below,

Can i save what I have written?

How could I erase?

Does it need electric power?

The showing of the LCD E-writing board,attract a lot of visitors to study it.And they are very interested in the function.the writing mode,.etc.After the showing of writing,saving and erasing,they got a deeper knowledge about the board.

And good product always increase the deeper interest of visitors,some further questions as below,

Can I distribute your product in Middle East?

This is a great product!”

From this exhibition LCD E-writing board won the customers’ praise and trust by its advanced technology & powerful functions,many customers began to accept this new product and wish to establish long - term strategic partners with us.

LanBeiSite LCD E-writing board showing in Dubai not only is a big breakthrough of our company,but also is a representative of Chinese educational equipment’ rapid development.

The R & D of LCD E-writing board is a accumulation of past experience in technology,also is a symbol of company strength.We can do it, because we have the confidence in the long-term development of our company,and we have the aim to be the most valuable, most respected, the most social responsibility of the bench-marking enterprise.

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