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Lanbei Technology in Newest Internet Era

Source: 管理员  Date:2017-11-18   View:2311
Abstract:Lanbei Technology in Newest Internet Era —Lanbei Ewriting Board

Nowadays, Internet has stepped into new period. The newest period includes mass data, intellectualization, mobile internet and cloud computing. This newest period not only deeply affects people’s life but also leads to a new round of industrial revolution in education equipment area.

One piece of chalkboard, one textbook, and one piece of chalk-these changeless three parts lasted for hundred years in traditional school teaching. Now it had been changed by mass data, intellectualization, mobile internet and cloud computing.

Informationization is an unstoppable trend in educational development and one of the revolutionary factors in modern education. Future education will develop to paperless, intellectualized and automatic. The information technology in future education will fully meet to school education and the Lanbei Ewriting Board will revolutionize the traditional classroom. 

What is Lanbei Ewriting Board?

The alias of Lanbei Ewriting board is Lanbei Ewriting Dustless blackboard. However, no matter how the call is changed, it reflects its purpose from the side –writing.

Lanbei Ewriting Board is not a traditional writing board because of its sense of technology and innovation. For thousands of years, when writing was mentioned, people always think of paper, ink, chalk and so on. No matter how society develops, traditional habits were deeply rooted in the subconsciousness of everyone, so no matter how the writing in teaching evolved, it still has its limitations. However, the advent of Lanbei Ewriting board completely subverted the traditional writing instruments and writing ways, which is a fundamental solution to the long-term dependence on traditional writing tools.

In writing of teaching, it adopts flexible liquid material with pressure sensor technology, available for writing with any hard objects, no need of pen or paper, avoiding chalk dust pollution.

In Education Health Management, Lanbei Ewriting board made three breakthroughs:

Environmental material, no poison, no smell, no radiation and no pollution;  

Protect eyesight, no radiation, no light reflection;

Low power consumption, environmental, safely use;

In Informational education, Lanbei Ewriting Board can achieve Intelligent storage and synchronous transmission, having broken the time and space constraints in teaching.

For Digital campus construction, with the further development of intelligent education, we will explore more intelligent hardware and teaching equipment system, together with other Lanbeisite’s education equipment to form the intelligent campus system and gather more knowledge resources, forging  ” A School Without Fence” .

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